My Top 2013 Albums

Another year passed by and we witnessed a ton of memories, some might be the time of your life, some might be just another year for you. In 2013, that flied so fast, we witnessed one of the most powerful man in the history, man that made a change to the whole world in his own way, Nelson Mandela, gone. We also lost one of the finest actor in the generation, the icon of your favorite movie, the Fast and the Furious franchise, Paul Walker passed away in a horrific car crash.

2013, too many stories, from the happy tales to the saddest stories, we just can’t write it one by one. Just let it be the stories to be told in the next few years. 2013 also can be referred as the golden year for the record release. So many great albums had been released and honestly if somebody ask me what is my favorite album of 2013, I just can’t answer it properly, every album has its own story.  So I picked my pen and started to put my headphone on, reviewing most albums that released in 2013 and make sure myself here are my pick for top 2013 albums.

Honorable mentions:

Here are some pretty good albums but is not my top 10 albums of 2013

- Jimmy Eat World “Damage”

- A Day to Remember "Common Courtesy"

- Paramore "Paramore"

- Bring Me the Horizon "Sempiternal"

- Balance & Composure "The Thinks We Think We’re Missing"

So here we go…

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What Were You Missing?

Do you remember the time when the world felt like rotating around you? When you were the main cast and they were supporting your act? Well everyone had that moment. How does it feel? It feels great huh?

The difference is some people still remember it and live it while the other people they just buried it and reshape their life from top to the bottom. So which one is better? You better ask yourself about that. Which one actually you’d prefer? And for me, to be honest, sometimes I regret for what I’ve done, for every decision I made, but today I found myself in the mirror, grateful for everything that God has done and has in store for me. I’m growing for better human, at least I try.

Let’s take it back to the time where I started my first band, I was so young back then and I played drum. My first show? It was fantastic, we played in the front of thousand people and 3 girls came to me after the show. They were asking for a photograph and gave me flowers. Big time! But here’s my confession, I threw the flower to the garbage can. I’m deeply sorry. You can call me narcissist. I’m not, I just love myself being in the center of attention.

And the band grew, we started to playing in the local gigs and we were having fun. I wrote some pretty neat lyrics and I’m having fun doing that thing. They said, “Songwriting things are never tiring.”. Well, they’re right. I learn new words and put it to some sentences. That was the time when I had fun doing my things alone. With nobody around me. Just me, my pen, my notes, and my guitar. Well that were a lot of things.

As an adolescent, you felt like you got your own world. Can you recall it when you did horrible things for your age and you just acted like you were the innocent one? And let your parents deal with all your problems? If you can, here’s the thing. You need to realize that you owe a lot to your parent, not the way you owe someone money. It’s totally different. The point is your family is everything to you, at the end of the day you’ll realize it.

This is pretty random I guess. I don’t have anything to do and I feel like, “Okay let’s write something without direction.”. And here it goes, what were you missing from your past? I don’t know, but what I know for sure is what I had in the past made who I am today and I’m grateful for it.

Love it! Why don't you try with different topics such as religion influences on band's lyric. What is your opinion on that thing? Do you agree some bands try to push their personal belief to affect the listeners?


Hey thanks! And whoa that’s interesting subject to be honest and I need to be careful with those lines :) anyway thanks for the input. I’ll try my best to bring what’s next for this blog. My opinion is it’s okay if the bands want to put some religious things in their lyric, it’s their stuff. Actually it depends on your own perspective, I listen to almost all available music and some of them are religious based band, yet it affected me nothing to my religious view. Again, it depends on yourself, if the lyric is related to you, you’ll love the band even more. What if the lyric is 180 degree against your view? For me personally, I don’t really give a single damn about it, if I love the music and the band is great, I’ll love it. Since music is a language on its own perspective. But if bands try to affect listeners with their lyric, I can’t agree. It’s like you wrote your own diary, you wrote it because you want to share what moment you just had or the feeling deep in your heart, you wrote it without intention to affect someone you know with your diary right? So does the band, they just want to unleash the emotion or something they believe in a form of art. So that’s my opinion. Thanks for asking, take care. :)

Summer Thing

It feels just like yesterday that I started to listen to “Enema of the State” by Blink-182. Everything was perfect and I felt like “This will be the album of my life”. That was so true, when you were 11 years kid with innocent face and with the dimple in the cheek, listening to Blink-182’s record for the first time is huge achievement. You got the time of your life and felt like “Shit, one day I wanna be Tom DeLonge, no no no I wanna be Mark Hoppus instead, he’s that damn cool”. Everyone has a reason to live their life, and for 11 years old of me, my reason to live was simple, “I wanna be somebody.”. And for the 11 years old of me, that moment was the moment when I finally found the goal of my life. Everyone had moments to realized what’d be the goals of their life. The difference is everyone had their own time to finally found it. Thanks to Lord if you found it earlier than everyone did, at least you can work it out at the very young age. Some people are still struggling to define the goals of their life, you can choose me as the finest example. Yes, the 11 years old of me once had a dream to become rock-star, but with the life goes on, with the experience you had, with all the learning they taught to you, you just became another typical people who’s trying to fit the system. I once was the same person, but at the early morning of Tuesday, which I couldn’t remember when. I finally realized I need to live up my childhood dream again. I can recall myself wore a superhero costume and acted like a real superhero destroying villain or save the princess, or the moment when I picked my guitar toy and started to play it like Slash, well at least I pretended to be. I wanna be a rock-star or superhero (well you can’t be superhero, that sucks tough). That’s what the 11 years old of me said. Well…

Summer always became one of the finest moment in the calendar year, if you thought I had my Summer moment, I didn’t. I live in the tropical country of Indonesia, and there’s no Summer here. No Summer no fun? Nope, we had so much fun here, before the mother of nature went mad and distracted all the perfect cycle in a year. Talk about Summer, you just can’t forget about party, hot girls, beach, and booze, well that’s what they try to tell to me and a million other people. For me, Summer means fun. The standard definition of my Summer: Playing with all your friends all day long, dating your crush, reuniting with your ex, having family camp, going on tour for bands or just doing things you love to do alone. That’s Summer for me. So when people asked me, what were you doing this weekend? I will just answer them “I had my Summer moment”. “What will you do this holiday? I will have my Summer moment”. So everyone enjoy the holiday by doing things you love and spend it with people you love the most and you will have your Summer moment. Good night and take care!